Popcorn Con!

Popcorn Con!

The end of this year is absolutely jam packed with markets, some local but many of them are miles from home. We are in Bristol, Gloucester and Swindon as well as Leeds, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, London and even Wales!
One of the first events was Popcorn Con held at Magna in Sheffield on the 10th September, our first foray into any kind of convention. 
With an entirely new event to prepare for we had given a lot of thought to what we should take with us. We had our usual skulls, antlers, toadstools and runes but we added a new range of horror movie inspired knives and hand painted bars with horror movie quotes, both of which proved extremely popular. So much so that we actually sold out of the knives!
The plan was to travel up the day before the event, stay over night and head off bright and early to set up. What we hadn't planned for was an unseasonably hot week with the hottest day of the year on the day we travelled and the following day not being much cooler!!
However, not much we could do about it so we just had to turn on the air con in the car and hope like hell that the chocolate would be ok. When we arrived at the hotel we also discovered that it didn't have any air con at all. Needless to say, we didn't sleep well that night :(
 Shouldn't have worried though. The perfectly tempered chocolate had not changed at all. Not one thing had melted.
Our hotel was about 7 minutes away from the venue so the journey in the morning and the set up went as smoothly as we had hoped for. With everything in place, we waited eagerly for the doors to open.
Within minutes the hall was bustling, full of visitors keen to look round and see all that there was on offer.
We were busy all day and barely had time to grab anything to eat! Chocolates were selling out and gaps were appearing that had to be quickly filled whenever there was a spare moment or two. 
Still having a bit of a problem with a lot of visitors not realising that it's chocolate though, which needs to be addressed somehow, but if that's the only issue, we certainly can't complain.
All in all, we had an absolutely fantastic day and can't wait to do anther one.
We have definitely found our crowd!!



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