New beginnings

New beginnings

New beginnings. How many times am I going to write that?

I've lost track of the amount of times that I have rebranded, restarted and reassessed where I'm going and what I'm doing. You start to think that there is no way that anyone will take you seriously any more.

But, I've had to do it to reach the point that I'm at now. 

I made cakes for years to make other people happy. I tried to alter the course by moving into making flowers, but ended up right back where I came from, trying to make others happy. I tried making alternative cakes but, you guessed it, ended up trying to please everyone else.

With each attempt to create a business that meant something to me I was getting more and more fed up. Fed up of the constant desire to people please. Fed up of never really having the balls to go for what I wanted. Fed up of selling a little piece of myself whenever I took another order that I knew wouldn't make me proud to put it out there.

I've had enough now.

Now I'm going to do what I do what I want to do. 

Those ideas that I was told nobody would want and the products that people won't buy because they're too weird, they're going out there.

My hand crafted gothic chocolate gifts and super realistic chocolate skulls are out there for everyone to see.

People might not buy them but it won't be because they can't see them!

Succeed or fail, I have to know that I have tried my way. 


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